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Obviously we know why people get fat. What is far more difficult to understand is why the average weight of certain societies has recently been escalating at an alarming rate.

Obesity is growing out of control in the United States. In the years from just after the Second World War until 1960 the average person's weight increased, but very few were obese. In the two and a half decades since 1980 the growth in the rate of obesity has accelerated and continues to escalate into a public health concern.

There are over 200 million Americans who are overweight. Not only adults, but young children are becoming not only overweight, but obese and "morbidly obese". These children, are not only packing on the pounds, they are showing symptoms of previously defined "Old Age" conditions such as diabetes. All together this accumulated fat adds up to a whopping 5 BILLION pounds of extra accumulated fat, just in the United States alone.

There are a number of theories as to the cause of this change since 1980. Most believe it is a combination of various factors.

Lack of Exercise

  • Obese people are less active in general than people who are not overweight, and not just because of their obesity. A controlled increase in calorie intake of people who were not overweight, did not make them less active. When obese people lost weight they did not become more active
  • Researchers in Boston found that those who secreted high insulin levels had a far more difficult time losing weight than those who secreted low levels of insulin
  • The reason 200 million Americans are overweight is NOT because defective genes cause them to make excessive insulin. Hypersecretion of insulin is an effect -- NOT the cause. They are overweight because they have impaired insulin receptor sensitivity.
  • Most scientists want to attribute the problem to your genes. These Scientists want you to believe that 200 million Americans are overweight because they have defective genes that make them hypersecrete insulin. This kind of thinking lets people off the hook. "Hey, it's not my fault. I inherited defective genes that caused this obese condition". What a Crock!

  • The truth is that Insulin receptors stop working effectively when you don't exercise. The human body was designed to move and work and do natural exercise. When the receptors are not being used your body automatically makes this adjustment. Ever heard the saying "Use It Or Lose It"? It applies in the case of obesity
  • The only way your body can adjust, when your insulin receptors become desensitized, is to make MORE insulin. You have now become an insulin hypersecretor.

This Is Why You Always Feel Hungry

When your body starts releasing insulin, your fat-burning hormone called hormone-sensitive lipase immediately becomes inhibited. This hormone is responsible for releasing fat into your bloodstream to be utilized as fuel. Once lipase is inhibited, you are no longer able to burn fat and will begin utilizing amino acids from your muscles and carbohydrates from junk food as fuel. Excess fat in your body will NOT be burned as fuel and will remain embedded in and around your tissues and organs unless you start exercising.

Lack of exercise and an excess secretion of Insulin (and not a lion growling at the door) is why people become abnormally hungry and keep eating and keep gaining weight.

Cheap Food Prices, Marketing, Fast Food Outlets

  • Massive changes in agricultural policy in the United States and Europe have led to food prices for consumers being lower than at any point in history. Sugar and corn syrup, two huge sources of food energy, are some of the most subsidized products by the United States government.
  • Increased food production is a probable factor. The U.S. produces three times more food than U.S. residents eat.
  • Increased marketing has also played a role. In the early 1980s in America, the Reagan Administration lifted most regulations pertaining to sweets and fast food advertising to children. As a result, the number of advertisements seen by the average child increased greatly, and a large proportion of these were for fast food and sweets
  • Since 1980 both sit-in and fast food restaurants have seen dramatic growth in terms of the number of outlets and customers served. Low food costs, and intense competition for market share, led to increased portion sizes: for example, McDonalds French Fries portions rose from 200 calories in 1960 to over 600 calories today.

Social and Economic Causes

  • The increasing number of two income households in which one parent no longer remains home to look after the house. This increases the number of restaurant and take-out meals.
  • Each year a greater percentage of the population spends their entire workday behind a desk or computer, getting virtually no exercise. In the kitchen the microwave oven has seen sales of calorie-dense frozen convenience foods skyrocket and has encouraged ready-to-eat junk food and snacking on worthless food like potato chips
  • The advent of TV, Multi-Media such as Play Stations and Computers. Much more time is spent sitting around watching TV, playing games, and surfing the Internet than is spent engaged in physical activities such as sports, walking, hiking, bike riding and jogging. No one seems to have the time for anything physical, but always seem to find the time for sedentary activity
  • Urban sprawl may be a factor because more time is spent commuting to and from work. Obesity rates increase as urban sprawl increases, possibly due to less walking, less physical exercise and less time for cooking real food

Processed Food and Dehydration

  • Over-processed, chemical laden, nutritionless food has become the staple items in the American pantry. Due to slick marketing, many families have been brain-washed into thinking that this "Garbage Food" is sufficient to provide nutrients needed to live long and healthy lives
  • The typical American Diet consists of 75% (or more) processed food and 25% (or probably less) fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables. For optimum health the opposite proportions should be observed
  • Believing that "Things Go Better With Coke" has created more ill health and chronic conditions: Probably more than any other factor. Our natural craving for water has been nullified to the point that people are constantly in a state of severe dehydration, and don't even realize it
  • Nothing can substitute for pure, filtered, unaltered water to quench thirst, and provide water to cells in the body. Without life-giving water, cells cannot function. Not soda, juice, tea, coffee, altered water, nor any other liquid except water will penetrate through the cell walls bringing in nutrients, and carrying away toxins and wastes

How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

  • Tear yourself away from the TV, Play Station, or Computer for a few hours every day. Engage in some good physical activity. Even if it means joining a gym, by all means, do so
  • Do an inventory of the items in your food pantry. If you have mostly fast-fix, microwavable meals, potato chips, cookies, cakes, twinkies, sugar-laden cereals, pop-tarts, etc. chuck them
  • Clean out your refrigerator and freezer. Yes, this means all those frozen TV dinners, pizzas, ice cream, popsicles, freezies, or whatever
  • Sit down and make a list of the food you like, and the food you dislike. Bet none of the items are fresh fruits and vegetables. But, just do it anyways. The foods you like are the foods that are making you fat and sick
  • Only shop for food items around the outside perimeter of the store. All the junk, processed food is stocked in the center aisles
  • Get rid of any soda, cola, kool-aid, or other beverages laden with sugar and toxic additives. Drink water. If your water tastes bad, get a filtration system. Bottled water is an environmental nightmare, so, don't buy it.

Last, But Not By Any Means Least

Keep your insulin levels low, so your body can produce large amounts of lipase and burn fat all day long so you can burn fat instead of muscle and carbohydrates.

Final Thoughts

Want to stay fat? Keep eating only processed junk food, soda, sugar, toxic food additives; eat all day long, and never exercise. By following this regime you will absolutely impair your insulin receptor sensitivity and stay fat, no matter how many "Magic Diet Drugs" you swallow, Miracle Weight-Loss Diets you try, or Gastric Bypass or Lapband surgeries you endure.

Losing Weight Successfully Can Be Summed Up In TWO WORDS


The only way to lose excess weight and keep it off is by doing regular exercise, eating fresh nutritious food and drinking lots of pure, filtered, unaltered WATER!

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