Enzymes Are Essential

To The Body's Absorption And Full Use Of Food

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The capacity of the living organism to make Enzymes diminishes with age, and some scientists believe that humans could live longer and be healthier by guarding against the loss of our precious Enzymes.

Studies have shown that persons who eat fresh fruits and vegetables with high levels of natural Enzymes have significantly reduced levels of cancer and other diseases. It hasn't been proven that the high Enzyme content of raw foods is partially responsible for their anti-cancer effect, but the evidence is very compelling.

Digestion of food takes a high priority and has a high demand for Enzymes. When we eat, Enzymatic activity begins in the mouth, where salivary amylase (any of a group of proteins which help convert starch to sugar) lingual lipase, and ptyalin lingual lipase, and ptyalin (an amylase secreted in saliva), initiate starch and fat digestion.

Poor eating habits, including inadequate chewing, and eating on the run, may result in inadequate Enzyme production. Food not chewed properly and eaten too quickly results in the nutrients in the food not being absorbed properly.

This process is made even worse by the aging process. This is a time of decreased hydrochloric acid production, as well as a general decline in digestive enzyme secretion. Without proper enzyme production, the body has a difficult time digesting food, often resulting in a variety of chronic disorders.

Here's How Enzymes Work

There are three types of enzymes:

Metabolic Enzymes:

  • Only produced by the body
  • Metabolic enzymes are responsible for the structuring, repairing, and remodeling of every cell, and the body is under a great daily burden to supply sufficient enzymes for optimal health
  • Metabolic enzymes operate in every cell, every organ, and every tissue, and they need constant replenishment.
  • If your body does not produce enough Metabolic Enzymes you will probably develop chronic conditions and serious life-threatening illnesses

Digestive Enzymes:

  • Only produced by the body
  • Primary digestive enzymes are proteases (to digest proteins), amylases (to digest carbohydrates), and lipases (to digest fats)
  • These enzymes function as a biological catalyst to help break down food
  • The body will produce Digestive Enzymes by "stealing" Metabolic Enzymes to replace missing Digestive Enzymes
  • The body can only produce so many enzymes by itself
  • Junk food diets, which contain very few, if any, natural enzymes, are contributing to ill health

Food Enzymes:

  • Raw foods provide enzymes that naturally break down food for proper absorption
  • Are critical as they assist in the digestion of the food we eat
  • If humans eat cooked, processed food they are not getting any Food Enzymes
  • As a result, the body is forced to make it's own Digestive Enzymes at the expense of Metabolic Enzymes
  • This abuse places the body under incredible stress and that stress shows up as one of the hundreds of diseases that humans suffer from

What are the Answers?

Actually, there are two answers:

  • Stop eating and drinking ANYTHING that has been cooked or processed in any way
  • How realistic is that?
  • Our modern day system makes it impossible for us to even obtain good quality unprocessed food to survive on
  • Modify your diet to include as many raw foods as possible
  • Supplement your diet with a GOOD Plant Based Digestive Enzyme on a daily basis
  • The more Food Enzymes you consume, the FEWER Digestive Enzymes your body has to produce, leaving it free to produce the life-giving, healing Metabolic Enzymes

Humans And Their Household Pets

One interesting study by Dr. Edward Howell (1986) shows that animals fed diets that are deficient in enzymes have an enlarged pancreas. Animals eating raw food often have no enzymes at all in their saliva. However, dogs fed a high carbohydrate, heat-treated diet have been found to develop Enzymes in their saliva within a week in response to enzyme-depleting foods.

This means huge amounts of pancreatic enzymes being squandered in the digestion of foods. This wasteful out-pouring of pancreatic digestive enzymes results in a decrease in the supply of crucial metabolic enzymes and impaired health.

How significant is an enzyme deficiency to overall health?

  • Organs that are overworked will enlarge in order to perform the increased workload
  • Those with congestive heart failure or aortic valve disease often suffer from an enlarged heart
  • When the pancreas enlarges in order to produce more digestive enzymes, there results a deficiency in the production of life-sustaining metabolic enzymes
  • The tremendous impact that the wastage of pancreatic enzymes can have on health, and even life itself, has been established in animal studies

European oncologists(a physician who specializes in the treatment of cancer)have included Enzyme therapy as a natural, nontoxic therapy against cancer. Almost all leading alternative cancer specialists treating Americans prescribe both food enzymes and concentrated enzyme supplements.

To sum up. Enzymes are crucial to health. By eating more uncooked raw food, expecially fruits and vegetables, and supplementing your diet with a good "Plant Based Digestive Enzyme" product, you can improve your digestion and your health at the same time.

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