Ocean Pollution

Almost Everything In The Ocean Is Contaminated

Looks beautiful, doesn't it? Sunlight dappling from the rolling waves, watching dolphins jump and play around, belie what's really lurking beneath those ocean waves; a seething cesspool of contaminants and poison.

pollution is destroying our oceans

Whales, Polar Bears, Fish, even down to the smallest plankton, are contaminated with man-made chemicals, such as pesticides, and commercially produced fertilizers. Even our beloved dolphins are suffering from large-scale contamination.

For centuries, the oceans have been a dumping ground for waste generated on land. This continued until the 1970's when deliberate dumping was regulated. Dumping at sea was the accepted practice which included not only toxic material such as pesticides, but chemical weapons, mercury and radioactive waste.

Dumping of the most toxic materials was banned by the London Dumping Convention in 1972. An amended treaty in 1996 (the London Convention) further restricted what could be dumped at sea. But, there is still a big problem with what has already been dumped. Even the disposal of permitted substances at sea is a major environmental hazard.

Chemicals can escape into water, soil, and air during their manufacture, use, or disposal. These are not deliberately dumped, but are the results of accidental leaks, farm fertilizing or fires in products containing these chemicals. Once they escape into the environment, they can travel for long distances in air and water, which of course includes ocean currents.

People wrongfully assumed that the ocean was so large that all pollutants would be diluted and somehow magically dispersed to safe levels. Just the opposite is true. They have not disappeared - and some toxic man-made chemicals have even become more concentrated once they enter the food chain.

Contaminated Food Chain

Plankton, which are the tiny animals at the bottom of the food chain in the oceans, absorb the chemicals as they feed. They do not break down easily, so the chemicals accumulate in these organisms, becoming more concentrated in their bodies than the surrounding water or soil. Plankton are eaten by small animals, and the contaminants become even more concentrated. It goes on as smaller animals are in turn eaten by larger animals, each link up the food chain becoming more heavily contamined than the last.

Seals, for example can have contamination levels millions of times higher than the water in which they live. Polar bears, which feed on seals, can have contamination levels up to 3 billion times higher than their environment.

Fishermen themselves see this contamination first hand. Fish with horrible tumors, are becoming the normal catch of the day, so to speak. How do you want your mercury today? Broiled, fried, poached or grilled. ‘Would you like fries with your gamma fish?’

Human Contamination

Humans become contaminated directly from chemical household products, eating heavily processed food laced with chemical preservatives or eating contaminated seafood and animal fats. Even those " Highly Touted " health foods such as Krill, Plankton, Seaweed, and Sea Salt have varying degrees of contamination. The FDA discovered that the famous "Coral Calcium" was heavily contaminated with lead, as well as other heavy metals, and only had an absorption rate of 8 - 10%.

Contrary to what you have been told, the evidence is mounting that many man-made chemicals can and will cause serious health problems. These problems include cancer, damage to the immune system, behavioural problems, and reduced fertility, just to name a few.

The bottom line is that you should stay away from anything that is produced from the ocean. Isn't it bad enough that we get these contaminants first-hand on land, without absorbing even more chemicals and dangerous pollutants from food from the ocean?

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