Soda and Cola Soft Drinks Are Poison

They Contain Chemical Additives, Sugar and Caffeine

bottle of cola

Everyone should know by now that Soda and Cola Soft Drinks aren't good for you. American teen-agers are consuming record quantities of the these Poison Soft Drinks -- thanks in part to a growing number of public schools signing marketing deals with Soda companies.

New research strongly suggests they're even worse than anyone realized. Soda has been linked to:

  • Cancer: Soft drinks are very acidic, especially Cola. In order to neutralize a glass of Cola, it takes 32 glasses of pure filtered water. It is well known by the medical profession that disease loves acid. If we could get our cells to maintain a normal pH (slightly alkaline), cancer could not grow in our bodies. Cancer can't live in an oxygen-rich environment. Cola drinks make our bodies poor in oxygen
  • Osteoporosis: The bubbles and fizz in soft drinks can potentially burn human insides. This is caused by the phosphoric acid and carbon dioxide. The phosphorus in the acid upsets the body's calcium-phosphorus ratio and dissolves calcium out of the bones. This can eventually result in osteoporosis
  • ADHD: Supposing you knew that Soft Drinks could cause your brain to disintegrate, would you drink them? More than a million children today are afflicted with cerebral lesions (injury to the brain that causes sudden discharge of excessive nervous energy) and other afflictions caused by Soft Drinks!
  • Obesity: Sugar in Soda and Cola Soft Drinks will cause an increase in "empty calories". Empty calories are those foods and beverages which are high in calories but offer little or no nutritional value. This causes people to eat more because they always feel hungry. Their body is telling them that they need to feed the cells. Never finding the proper nutrients, the hunger becomes a vicious circle resulting in obesity
  • Diabetes: A diet high in Sugar, such as that found in Soda and Cola Soft Drinks, will cause blood sugar levels to skyrocket. The pancreas works to level out the high sugar levels by producing insulin. If Soda and Cola Soft Drinks are consumed at a high level on a daily basis, this will cause the pancreas to "wear out".
  • Heart and Circulatory Disease: These products with caffeine artificially stimulate the body and increase the heart rate. This artificial stimulation temporarily arouses the intellect and fatigue seems to disappear, but shortly the "sugar high" dissipates. Soda and Cola Soft Drinks containing caffeine raise blood pressure, increase heart rate, and cause plaque to form in the arteries (cholesterol).

Soda and Cola Soft Drink Facts

There are many effects from consuming caffeine-laden Soda and Cola Soft Drinks. They include increased incidences of bladder and stomach cancer, diabetes and damage to the stomach lining. Caffeine contributes to or causes birth defects in children, at least six kinds of cancer and provides the body with zero nutrition. Colas range between 34 and 49 mg. of caffeine per 12 ounces. Comparing Colas, Mountain Dew™ topped out at 49 mg. per 12 ounces, while the lowest was Diet Pepsi™ and Pepsi™.

Sodas contain the artificial colorings, Amaranth (red), Bordeaux (brown), Orange I (yellow), and Ponceau (scarlet) dyes, all of which are unfit for human consumption. How much of each of these artificial colorings are in these drinks? Your guess is as good as mine, as this information is NOT available to us.

Soda and Cola Soft Drinks have much in common with hard liquor, claimed the co-discoverer of insulin, Dr. Charles Best. Cirrhosis of the liver has been found among teenagers who drink large quantities of soft drinks, as well as among chronic alcoholics.

In a report the FDA Consumer, October 1980, we read, "Most soft drinks, including the Cola and pepper-type drinks contain caffeine and are the number one beverage in the United States today, with coffee second." Caffeine is a drug, which stimulates the central nervous system. In the amounts presently being consumed, it can cause insomnia, nervousness, irritability, anxiety and disturbances in the heart rate and rhythm. Cola and pepper-like drinks account for 80 to 90 percent of the caffeine added to foods today. Its long-term effects on people are not clearly known.

In a public announcement regarding caffeine's possible dangers to unborn children, past FDA Commissioner Dr. Jere Goyan urged pregnant women to avoid the use of caffeine products. He stated, "So while further evidence is being gathered on the possible relationship between caffeine and birth defects, a prudent and protective mother-to-be will want to put caffeine on her list of unnecessary substances which she should avoid." Goyan goes on to say, "...that as a general rule, pregnant women should avoid all substances that have drug-like effects."

Cola Drinks contain caramel coloring, which, according to some researchers, has genetic effects and is a cancer-causing suspect.

Olyethylene Glycol Is Used As An Ingredient

Glycol is used in anti-freeze in automobiles and as an oil solvent. Have you tried pouring Cola Drinks on your windshield in a snow or ice storm? Try it! You will discover that Cola Drinks will keep the windshield from freezing over with ice.

Soft Drinks use predominately three types of sweeteners - Saccharin or Aspartame in the diet type and Sugar, Cane Syrup or Corn Syrup (HFCS) in the regular soft drinks. These substances enhance taste appeal and are advertised as "refreshing" and "high energy". The truth is that Saccharin has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals and Nutra-sweet™ and Equal™ are linked to convulsions, depression, insomnia, irritability, weakness, dizziness, migraine headaches, mood changes and mental retardation as well as Lupus, MS, fibromyalgia and a whole slew of autoimmune diseases.

Try pouring Coke™ over an extracted baby tooth or a 10-penny nail and see it totally dissolve in a few days!

Diet Sodas that are low in calories are high in sodium. Six ounces of regular Pepsi-Cola™ has 5 mg. of sodium; Diet Pepsi™ has 31 mg. Classic Coke™ has 19 mg. of sodium.

Phosphorus found in Soda and Cola Soft Drinks (pH 2.5) renders hydrochloric acid (pH 4.5) in the stomach ineffective. This promotes indigestion, bloating and gassiness. Carbon dioxide is a waste product exhaled by humans, but they ingest it when they drink Soda and Cola Soft Drinks.

Just for laughs, try placing extracted human teeth in a Soda or Cola Soft Drink. You will find that within two days, the teeth become very soft, and the enamel surface will have lost much of its calcium.

In your lifetime, you and your family will be exposed to countless advertisements, commercials and "scientific" studies designed to promote meat, dairy products, sugar, white flour and other processed foods, as well as drugs such as coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and Soda and Cola Soft Drinks. People are dying every day because of what they eat and drink, which includes Fast Food (Fat Food) & Soda and Cola Soft Drinks.

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