Mainstream Medicine Does NOT Care About Curing Disease

The Hippocratic Oath States
“First Do No Harm”

medical industry doctor

It has been estimated that medical mistakes have cost $76,000,000,000 annually and resulted in over 3,000,000,000 injuries of which at least 80,000 resulted in death.

Those in the "Mainstream Medical Community" make great efforts to discount any treatment which does not involve the use of radical, invasive, and toxic procedures and drugs. Those who do advocate a natural approach to healing are portrayed as "Quacks".

They seem to have conveniently forgotten that the definition of "Quack" is "the promotion, for profit, of a medical remedy known to be false or unproven". The list of drugs prescribed today that meets this definition would be sufficient to fill an entire web site by itself.

It kind of makes you wonder if the Medical Profession is genuinely interested in helping their patients become strong, healthy, and free of symptomatic illnesses, or if "Obscene Profits" are the motivating interest.

  • For instance, the radical treatments for Cancer result in an overall cure rate of 20% - 40%
  • On the other hand, non-invasive holistic and natural treatment results in a cure rate of between 75% - 80%

We have obscenely high costs for largely ineffective and sometimes dangerous drugs BECAUSE THE MEDICAL PROFESSION HAS ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN!

Doctors make their money by keeping patients coming back for prescription renewals, and they get their usual fat fee even when they make no further efforts other than writing a prescription. The medical profession has reveled in its "elite status" (now beginning to crumble) and tried to convince the public that everyone should "see your doctor" about all kinds of minor complaints. That usually leads to a fast five minute consultation ending with a prescription.

Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

Mainstream Medicine and the Pharmaceutical Industry would have you believe that some magic pill that has the propensity to cause blindness, is going to cure Erectile Dysfunction. The problem is NOT the patient having a "Viagra or Cialis Deficiency"! The circulatory system just does not have the correct nutrients to supply oxygenated blood to those areas of the body.

There are other paths that can be taken that do NOT involve potentially dangerous prescription drugs. The main reason for ED is a lack of normal circulation, due to clogged veins and arteries. ED is a symptom of other problems in the circulatory system, such as insufficient NO (nitric oxide), high cholesterol level, high triglyceride level, elevated blood sugar. All these conditions are caused by lack of exercise, poor diet, and over-indulgence in alcoholic beverages.

Is US Health The Best In The World?

Health care in the US is stagnant and disastrously expensive. If we had a system where the incentives were for delivery of good, cost-effective care for everyone, we would get fewer bypass operations, take fewer pills, and get fewer high-tech tests.

If the Medical Community adopted an affordable, effective, and caring approach, we would be much better off as a society than we are with our bloated, overpriced profit-driven health care environment that mainly benefits big drug and insurance companies and over-paid providers and executives.

The most shocking situation is how local medical societies team up with government to persecute providers who practise so-called "unorthodox" treatments.

The medical profession claims it uses hearings to weed out bad doctors, but it seems these local medical societies mostly go after doctors who might have a treatment, like EDTA Chelation, (a process involving the use of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body) that doesn't cost enough. AMA doctors, hospitals, and even insurance companies would rather do a $30,000 operation than let someone suffering from clogged arteries have a $3000 EDTA Chelation treatment.

Americans pay obscene (and unsustainable) amounts of money for health insurance only to be denied payment for treatments they may choose for themselves. These denials of payment and persecutions of pratitioners are the actions of a "monopoly" protecting its own financial interest.

As A Final Note

Louis Pasteur, the founder of the germ theory, on his death-bed, declared that, " It was a mistake. The germs are not the cause, it is the soil."

Medicine can not let go of this concept: That the germs are the cause.

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