Water - Basic Necessity Of Life

The Sole Function of Water is to Hydrate

water the basic necessity of life

The most effective scientific weapon against acid is pure, clean, filtered, NOT ALTERED water. Altered water products will always cause dehydration instead of hydration and therefore initiate negative health consequences.

No matter what is claimed about a water product or any natural source of water from the environment, if it has not been tested and validated in terms of optimizing hydration, then there is no way to know whether any other claim is accurate.

Any water source that does not optimize hydration completely is causing some level of dehydration, which also means that there will be an increase in disease and accelerated aging.

How Much Water Is Needed To Hydrate?

No amount of water is defined, except that for hydration to occur, there has to be enough pure water, H2O, in your system to not only carry out the transport of nutrients to cells, but also hydrate. The best way to estimate how much water you should be drinking every day is to take your body weight, divide in half, then drink that amount of water converted to ounces. ie: If you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water daily.

Do not consider Juice, Tea, Coffee as substitutes for water. Those liquids are in ADDITION to the amount of water you drink. Don't drink Soda or Cola drinks, as those types of beverages, due to their acidity, will cause dehydration. Also, fruit juices contain just as much sugar as a can of soda, so drink fruit juices sparingly.

"Altered Water" slows down the transport of water molecules through the aquaporin channel (selectively conduct water molecules in and out of cells - one at a time, while preventing the passage of ions and other solutes) to the inside of the cell. Here are a few general guidelines about what to avoid:

  • oxygen fortified water
  • added minerals to water
  • ionizing water
  • magnetized water
  • water changed with any type of technology that is not a duplication of forces in the environment

If a water product is recommended to you, it is important to ask this one question: "Has this product been scientifically validated with clinical studies to prove that it optimizes cellular hydration?"

If the answer is NO, you are risking your health and life by taking an "Altered Water product.

No matter what other information is provided about a functional water product or even water from a natural source it simply does not matter if the issue of hydration is not presented as the most important.

The information in this web page is based on research by Nobel Prize-winning doctors (info listed below). That is why it is absolutely essential to validate optimum hydration for any given water product. Water is so absolutely important because you are taking care of the foundation for health and anti-aging, which is all based on hydration.

The 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was shared by Peter Agre from Johns Hopkins University "for the discovery of water channels". The other half of the prize went to Roderick MacKinnon from Rockefeller University "for structural and mechanistic studies of ion channels".

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