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Revealing Videos About Pharmaceuticals & Vaccinations

Video One - Comedian Bill Maher Tells It Like It Is

Here, Bill Maher ends his show with a hilarious, yet oh-so-true rant about Big Pharma, astutely observing, "If you believe you need all the pills and drugs the pharmaceutical industry says you do -- then you're already on drugs."

Telling The Truth About The "Big Pharma" Agendae Is Really Not So Funny

Video Two - Gary Null Assembly Hearings

Gary Null is best known as a promoter of natural and alternative remedies. He has written or produced more than seventy books, booklets, and audio CDs on the topics of health, wellness, nutrition, and alternative medicine. In this video he speaks at Assembly Hearings about the "unadvertised" dangers of vaccinations.

You Will Be Shocked At The Proven Medical Tragedies He Reveals About The "Vaccination Disaster"

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