Are Vaccines Safe?

Avoid Disease Naturally Without Vaccines

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In the real world vaccines are failing miserably. In the New Jersey / New York area A recent outbreak of mumps occurred almost entirely among children who had already been vaccinated against mumps. 77 % of the children who got the mumps had been vaccinated!

The recent H1N1 Swine Flu "pandemic" that never happened had millions of fightened people lining up for their H1N1 Swine Flu vaccination. We still don't know the exact number of how many vaccinated people died, because the CDC is hiding those statistics from the public. They want to make sure mainstream media doesn't learn the truth: That many of those who were vaccinated still died.

What the CDC and Big Pharma want people to believe is that vaccinesalways offer protection against infectious disease . (100% protection). This is absolutely not true. Because vaccines introduce a weakened form of the virus into the body, it hampers a normal immune response. It creates a systemic weakness that makes people more vulnerable to future infectious diseases. That's why people who have received any vaccine in the past are more likely to die from an infectious disease sometime in the future.

Some People Will Believe Anything

There is an interesting connection between those who buy the official line on 9/11 and those who buy the official line on vaccines: Non-thinking people who are easily duped by anything that government official say. They could be told that the World Trade Center building was brought down by a mis-placed cigarette butt in the staff bathroom, and they would believe it was true!

It's better to be skeptical. Somehow, it seems unbelievable that if humans survived for thousands of years without vaccines; years developing natural immunities against infectious disease, why, suddenly do we need protection for every germ in existence?

What's In Vaccines That Makes Them So Dangerous?

Vaccines are a combination of toxic vaccine adjuvants which are pharmacological agents added to a vaccine to increase or aid its effect, plus the weakened viral agent itself.

Mercury in the form of Thimerosal
A deadly preservative 50 times more toxic than mercury itself
At high enough doses, it can cause long-term immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioural dysfunctions
Also allegedly associated with mercury poisoning are autism, attention deficit disorder, multiple sclerosis, and speech and language deficiencies
Alum or aluminium hydroxide
Can cause vaccine allergy, anaphylaxis (rapidly developing and serious allergic reaction that affects a number of different areas of the body at one time), and macrophage myofascitis (a chronic inflammation syndrome)
I thought alum was used in pickling to make pickles crispy!
Newer adjuvants including MF59, ISCOMS, QS21, AS02, and AS04
These newer adjuvants have substantially higher local reactogenicity (capable of causing a reaction and especially an immunological reaction) and systemic toxicity than alum

The Ineffectiveness Of Vaccines Is Being Swept Under The Rug

It is very likely that most of the people who died from H1N1 swine flu were vaccinated during prior "Pandemic Scares". Those previous vaccines may have played a role in the recent deaths from H1N1. Of course, this is not being acknowledged by any health authority. They simply pretend that there could not possibly be any connection between prior years' vaccinations and immune system vulnerability during the last "Swine Flu Pandemic".

If Not Vaccines What Are Some Real Solutions?

People who took high-dose vitamin D and led a healthy lifestyle did not get the H1N1 Swine Flu. (I am one of those people). If those people who took high-dose Vitamin D and followed a health-promoting lifestyle, had died, don't you think the CDC, drug companies and the media would be pumping the media full of this fact? Stories like "Healthy vitamin D advocate dies of swine flu!" If they had been able to find a story like that, you can be sure it would have been triumphantly broadcast from every media source in the world.

It's never been reported that any healthy person with high vitamin D levels has ever died from swine flu. It's probably safe to say that the number of healthy lifestyle, vitamin D proponents dying from the flu, including seasonal flu, must be a very rare occurrence.

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